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Which Band are you?

Based on almost the same colour sequence as Karate this was originally designed as a motivation for students to practice their scales and be able to show their achievements on their instruments using coloured rubber bands (very available and cheap since the popularity of Loom Bands arose).

In order to earn the right to display bands students must complete the tasks on the sheets for each level.

Testing is undertaken by teachers and can occur either in one go or over a period of time during lessons.

Please note that as the Flute Technique Karate system was originally created in Australia by an Australian instrumental teacher, the levels are based around the Australian Music Examinations Board scale requirements however unlike the AMEB system these requirements are accumulative.  This accumulative approach ensures that students continue to build on the knowledge and technique that they are exposed to in lower levels as they progress.

There is also a “wall of fame” for each level of each instrument and students (or parents/guaridans) may submit their names for inclusion on completion of each level if they so wish once a teacher has signed of on their compeltion.  In order to be included on the wall of fame an image (scan or photo) of their signed achievement form must be submitted to the Music Technique Ninja via our contact page.  Alternately a teacher may submit names of a student or students from their teaching studio identifying which level or levels have been completed. (please note that where a teacher submits names it is the teachers responsibility to gain consent from parents of students under 18 years of age to have their child’s name listed prior to making any submissions).

With the exception of the first level, the changes/additional requirements for each level are shown in red text on the requirements sheet while black text indicates scales and arpeggios which have previously been delivered although at a slower tempo

To view/download requirements for each level or to have your name added to the Wall of Fame please visit the page for that level by clicking on the relevant link below!

|              Level 1 – White              |              Level 2 – Yellow              |              Level 3 –  Orange             |              Level 4 – Green             |

|              Level 5 –  Blue              |              Level 6 – Pink              |              Level 7 – Purple              |              Level 8 – Red              |

|              Level 9 –   Brown              |              Level 10 – Black              |

Technique Karate was created by Rosalie Bourne, an Australian Flute player and teacher and the Founder and Principal of Flute Tutor Australia
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